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Section 2: Company Operational Readiness  

1.   How long has the company been in operation?

2.   Does the company have spare capacity to supply over and above the current market needs?

3.   Indicate the availability of the product/service in the domestic market?

4.   Is company currently exporting?

Section 3: Product or Service Export Readiness  

1.   How much has the company’s domestic sales grown over the past 3 years (average per year)?

2.   Does the company’s product or service have any licencing restrictions? If the company is manufacturing under licence, does it have knowledge of any restrictions on which markets to enter?

3.   Does the product or service require adaptation for international markets?

4.   Would the company be willing to modify the packaging to better suit international markets?

5.   Does the product or service require specific skills or instructions to market in the international markets?

6.   Does product or service require any special support or after sales support?

7.     Does the company’s product or service require certification for domestic or international market?

8.   How will the estimated logistical costs for exports affect the company’s finances?

Section 4: Marketing  

1.   Does the company utilize promotional or marketing platforms suitable for international market?

2.   Does the company have knowledge of potential distributors/importers/agents of your product?

3.   Does the company’s product or service have a competitive urge with international competitors’ in terms of price and quality?

Section 5: Finance  

1.   Does the company have funds to develop the export market?

Section 6: Export Planning  

1.   What experience does the company have in exports?

2.   How will the company deal with its export needs/activities?

3.   Has the company attended any export training?

4.   Has the company participated in export promotion related activities in the past 3 years?
(Trade missions, Exhibitions, Market Research, etc.)